About us

LLC DFU Agro is a subsidiary of Dan-Farm Ukraine Ltd., located in the Zhytomyr region, Korosten district.
Our main activity is pig production.
In addition, the company specializes in field production and construction.

Our Mission

To do profitable agricultural business in a “clean way” and contribute to sustainable development of local communities and the country as a whole.


1. We adhere to Danish and EU standards in the fields of environmental protection, economic and social welfare.

2. We apply the best available practices in pig production, crop production, and construction.

3. We establish long-term partnerships with local communities and governmental authorities for the common good.

4. We have zero tolerance for corruption and non-transparent practices.

5. We are wise in doing business and we pay all taxes

6. We are socially responsible.

Dan-Farm Ukraine LLC


Our parent company is Dan-Farm Ukraine LLC, which is located in the Kaharlyk district, Kyiv oblast. At the pigfarm in Khalcha we keep 3000 sows, the farm is producing 100,000 weaners per year. In addition, the company independently grows grain for the production of own feed, and our specialists carefully calculate all proportions and norms in animals rations.

Our founders are Danish company Agro East A/S and Dan-Farm LLC, a company with 100% of Danish investments. Each of the co-owners of Dan-Farm Ukraine Ltd and ...
It all began with two Danish investors who came to Ukraine in the beginning of 2000 to work in the crop production. Their desire of creating their own business ...
In our team we have gathered best professionals who are devoted to their work and constantly strive for perfection. Success of our company is success of each team ...