It all began with two Danish investors who came to Ukraine in the beginning of 2000 to work in the crop production. Their desire of creating their own business has turned into Dan-Farm Ukraine LLC.After the successful development of Dan Farm Ukraine, Danish investors decided to expand production beyond the boundaries of Kyiv Region.

Foundation of DFU AGRO

Dan-Ukraine LLC together with Danish investors came to the Polissya in 2014.
After a detailed study of the infrastructure in Korosten, the lands and production capacities, they chose the Village of Grozine and purchased there livestock farm with a potential for 24000 heads.
The farm was reconstructed and rebuilt: we purchased the latest equipment, repaired barns, renewed communications, refurbished the territory, installed new networks, and so on.

Delivery of first piglets

Due to the well-coordinated work of the team, in the beginning of 2017, the first pigs were brought to the reconstructed pigsties from the reproducer company Dan-Farm Ukraine for fattening.

Active development

At the same time we developed crop production. – In Korosten and Malyn districts DFU Agro rented about 2500 ha of land for the cultivation and growing of crops for the production of animal feed. As of 2018, total area of rented lands is 3,500 ha.
We also own a complex of premises near the farms where the spacious stock of tractors and warehouses are located.