DFU Agro LLC specializes in land cultivation and crops growing. In our fields we grow crops that form the basis for animal feed:

  • Corn as the main feed base;
  • Sunflower;
  • Oats;
  • Soya;
  • Winter rye;
  • Winter wheat;
  • Rape;
  • We periodically grow winter barley, buckwheat, lupine.


1.We cultivate about 3500 hectares in Korosten and Malyn district, Zytomyr Region.
2.For the field cultivation and harvesting, we use:
– 5 our own tractors,
– 4 cultivators,
– 2 drills
– 7 tractor trailers and additional equipment.
3. Work in our department of plant growing is provided by 10 specialists.

We strictly adhere to the order of crop rotation in order to prevent depletion of the soil and ensure greater yield. We choose manure as an organic fertilizer, and apply it according to Danish standards for the restoration of land balance.
In 2017, we constructed and put into operation 3 bunkers for silo, each designed for 9 thousand of tons of grain, as well as forage kitchen and dryer with capacity of 10 tons.